The “Chinese Bridge” World Primary School Chinese Show Competition was held in Romania

Bucharest, April 7th (Xinhua) – The results of the fourth “Chinese Bridge” World Primary School Chinese Show Romanian competition have been announced recently. Caterina Diana Popescu Mirea, a fourth grade elementary school student from Bucharest, won first prize in her individual group.

The theme of this competition is “Happy Chinese”, which will be conducted through online evaluation by submitting video works. A total of 40 entries were received in the competition, which were submitted by teaching points and Confucius Classrooms under various Confucius Institutes in Romania, independent Confucius Classrooms, and some international school students in Romania. These works are created by individual and group elementary school students, with rich and colorful content, including situational plays, song singing, Chinese dance, poetry recitation, guqin performance, painting, and eight section brocade.

After screening, 18 individual videos and 8 group videos stood out and entered the Romania National Primary School Selection Competition. Mileya won first prize in her individual group for her fluent Chinese speech and performance in the Three Character Classic gesture dance. The situational drama “Kong Rong Rang Li” selected by the Confucius Institute of Sibiwuluchian Braga University won the first prize in the group group group.

This competition is hosted by the Chinese Embassy in Romania and hosted by the Confucius Institute at the University of Sibiuruchian Braga. There are currently 4 Confucius Institutes and 1 independent Confucius Classroom in Romania, with 76 teaching points and 12 Confucius Classrooms under the Confucius Institutes. In addition, there are multiple international schools offering Chinese language courses in the capital Bucharest.