Shenzhen Gift and Home Furnishings Exhibition Opening Focuses on New Consumption Momentum under New Quality Productivity

On April 25-28, 2024, the 32nd China (Shenzhen) International Gift, Crafts, Watch and Household Products Exhibition and the 1688 Source Factory Merchant Festival (hereinafter referred to as the “32nd Shenzhen Gift and Home Furnishings Exhibition”) officially opened. Through innovation, the exhibition promotes new quality productivity in the industry and is promoting sustainable development of the gift industry.


The exhibition covers an exhibition area of up to 260000 square meters, with 13 exhibition halls connecting more than 30 national consumer goods production bases, and over 1 million creative gifts, covering over 30 consumer categories. Over 5500 high-quality suppliers and over 8000 brands participated in the exhibition. At the same time, major gift companies, advertising agencies, public relations companies, terminal groups, enterprises and other B-end buyers, as well as e-commerce platforms, live streaming influencers, and private traffic buyers, gathered at the exhibition. They not only had access to cutting-edge information and business models in the gift industry on site, but also upgraded their supply chain and operational level while acquiring industry explosive products, cost-effective products, and innovative products.

According to Chen Li, Vice President of Lizhan Huabo Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., the organizer of the exhibition, as a large-scale consumer goods exhibition in China, the 32nd Shenzhen Gift and Home Furnishings Exhibition has gathered more than 30 strong factories from domestic and foreign industrial bases. The products cover popular categories such as 3C digital electronics, small household appliances, leather goods and bags, stationery and cultural creativity, home goods, health food, etc., and can meet marketing scenarios such as points and membership gifts, business gifts, employee benefits, enterprise customization, retail product selection, marketing materials, festival gifts, cultural tourism, and event peripherals.

At present, new productive forces with the inherent requirement of promoting high-quality development are accelerating the formation of various industries in China. Chen Li told reporters that in terms of the new quality productivity model in the gift industry, products are transitioning from mass production to personalized customization, production lines are transitioning from labor-intensive to artificial intelligence, technology and research and development innovation are constantly achieving new breakthroughs, and sales channels are undergoing comprehensive transformation around convenience for consumers.

As a flagship exhibition of the gift industry that keeps pace with the times and always promotes innovative development in the industry, the 32nd Shenzhen Gift and Home Furnishing Exhibition places greater emphasis on and highlights the comprehensive innovation of products from technology to design, with a focus on supporting new enterprises, new technologies, new products, and new designs. It is committed to breaking product homogenization, showcasing the constantly emerging innovative products in the industry, maintaining the driving force for upgrading and innovation, and promoting high-quality and sustainable development of the industry.


This exhibition has newly planned exhibition areas to highlight the strong promotion of new quality productivity, with special theme exhibition areas such as original corridor, cultural and creative corridor, IP authorization platform, “Everything can be Gifted” creative collection, Chinese gift, and excellent design corridor, strengthening the product design value, cultural attributes, and innovative creativity. Chen Li believes that innovation comes from the concept of creating value. As a long-standing exhibition, Shenzhen Gift and Home Furnishings Exhibition always revolves around the real needs of the public for gifts. Currently, many young people are concerned about pet care, healthy lifestyle, and other lifestyles. The exhibition in October this year also planned for this category.

The 32nd Shenzhen Gift and Home Furnishings Exhibition is not only a product display, but also a key platform for practitioners to gain insight into the ecology of the gift industry in China and even internationally. Create a professional and high-quality gift exhibition through vertical subdivision of the gift industry forum activities. The theme of this exhibition forum focuses on forward-looking hot topics such as the digital development of the gift industry, the new ecology of the supply chain, and the new quality and productivity of the gift industry. From “exhibition” to “conference”, we will create a professional high-quality gift exhibition to help enterprises keep up with industry trends, quickly expand and enter gift channels.

The exhibition also pays attention to the continuous development of online models, and the addition of new channels such as e-commerce/live streaming/private domain/group leaders has given businesses more new ways to play. The hosting policy is to hold multiple special events for exhibitors and channel owners in live streaming and private traffic channels, to help them improve their operational capabilities in emerging channels. At the same time, we will collaborate with top live streaming platforms and MCN institutions to invite top influencers, mid-range influencers, and influencers to the exhibition site, carry out characteristic supply and marketing docking activities, help exhibitors connect on-site and expand new channels for buyers, find new additions at the exhibition site, and achieve high exhibition value transformation.

At the same time, with the continuous maturity of exhibition platforms and the rise of the current trend of going abroad, expanding derivative IPs into overseas gift markets has gradually become mature conditions. Chen Li revealed that many exhibitors at this year’s exhibition have expressed their desire to expand their markets overseas. The overseas gift exhibition, which combines the Shenzhen gift and home furnishing exhibition model with local conditions, has also been put on the agenda. In September of this year, the first stop will lead Chinese high-quality enterprises to Indonesia to explore the first international gift and home furnishing exhibition market. In the future, there are plans to land more high-quality gift and home furnishing exhibitions in Southeast Asia, providing new scenes for Chinese brands to go abroad.