Under extreme weather conditions in Guangzhou, some couriers use ships to transport goods, and multiple platforms provide capacity guarantee measures

On April 27, there were local tornadoes and heavy hail in Guangzhou, with widespread heavy to rainstorm, local heavy rainstorm, and strong lightning. In addition, around 15:00 on the 27th, a tornado appeared near Liangtian Village in Zhongluotan Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou. The Guangzhou Meteorological Observatory predicts that rainfall in Guangzhou will continue to be frequent in the coming days, with obvious characteristics of strong convection, including local hail and tornadoes, short-term heavy rainfall, lightning and strong winds. It is necessary to defend against heavy rainfall and strong convection weather, as well as secondary disasters caused by them.

First Financial learned from multiple logistics companies that some areas of Guangzhou’s distribution are currently affected, and the overall transportation capacity is still online.

The relevant person in charge of Zhongtong Express Guangzhou told First Financial that the Guangzhou management center has taken a series of practical and effective measures to ensure the continuity and stability of express logistics services. Before the arrival of rainstorm, China Telecom Express Guangzhou Management Center also guided local outlets to set up temporary warehouses in areas not affected by the flood through weather warning to transit express, minimizing the impact of logistics interruption.

On the front line, facing the waterlogged area, employees of Zhongtong Express, wearing rain boots, waded through the waterlogged area safely and delivered the package to customers. In some areas of northern Guangdong with deep waterlogging, Zhongtong has adjusted its transportation routes and even used non-traditional transportation vehicles such as ships to ensure the safe and timely delivery of parcels.


Shentong Express stated that Shentong Guangdong Province has launched an emergency plan for extreme weather, which enables real-time monitoring of heavy rainfall in various regions through various channels and synchronized warnings. It also conducts investigations and follows up on whether transportation centers and branch companies have been affected by disasters, site operations, and personnel on duty. For those who have not arrived and have not taken leave, personnel safety will be assessed one by one through phone; The transfer center strengthens the promotion of typhoon weather precautions and strengthens employee care through pre shift meetings and other forms. Ren Qiangqiang, the person in charge of the Guangfo Operation Management Office of Shentong Express in Guangdong Province, stated that Shentong Express actively ensures timely delivery of parcels to customers while ensuring employee safety and operational safety.

In terms of material support, the relevant person in charge of Guangzhou Xiaoxiang Supermarket told First Financial that the purchase volume of dishes in Xiaoxiang Supermarket has increased significantly recently, mainly seafood and fruit and vegetable products. Among them, crayfish and crayfish sell the best, doubling in growth, and the daily necessities of vegetables and fruits generally increase significantly. At present, the supply of goods at Guangzhou Xiaoxiang Supermarket is normal and there is sufficient inventory. In terms of delivery timeliness, the goods can be delivered in about 30 minutes. During the rainstorm, there is a delay of about 10 minutes, and orders can be fulfilled normally.

In order to cope with adverse weather conditions, Meituan Elephant Supermarket has increased its overall stock supply, with a focus on increasing the supply of table items such as vegetables and meat, poultry, and eggs to avoid shortages caused by weather conditions.

In terms of delivery, Meituan Elephant Supermarket specially organizes safety training for riders to ensure safe delivery. In addition, measures such as extending delivery time, eliminating negative reviews over time, and increasing order subsidies are taken to ensure that riders can deliver orders with peace of mind. Xiaoxiang Supermarket will timely allocate goods according to weather conditions, increase service station sorting, packaging, and distribution side forces, and fully meet the real-time delivery needs of citizens.

Guangzhou continues to experience heavy rainfall, and many measures have been taken to provide protection for riders. While ensuring safety, efforts have been made to serve the needs of citizens in various aspects such as daily life and materials. At the same time, delivery services will be adjusted in a timely manner based on local requirements and actual regional conditions.

The Ele.me platform currently provides riders with pre prompts, including slowing down, avoiding wading, and avoiding standing water. At the same time, the platform has also optimized routes and protected delivery orders, providing riders with more flexible delivery times, shortened delivery distances, and implemented penalty free measures and abnormal declaration and removal measures in relevant situations.

Before the arrival of bad weather, Ele.me provided riders with waterproof bags, raincoats, and other shelter equipment. At ordinary times, Elemo continued to carry out safety knowledge courses such as typhoon and rainstorm protection. The site also prepared ginger soup, hot tea, cold medicine and medicine boxes for riders to provide logistical support.

From the perspective of transportation capacity, the person in charge of T3 travel in Guangzhou stated that currently, ride hailing services can operate normally. On the one hand, T3 travel in the Guangzhou area has reminded drivers and passengers to pay attention to weather and road conditions information through APP reminders, voice broadcasts, and other means. If the driver encounters an unexpected situation, the platform will provide assistance to the best of its ability. On the other hand, under the premise of ensuring safety, the platform has also adjusted relevant reward policies for drivers who insist on ensuring the travel of citizens to ensure their income.