What is the upward space at 3100 points on the Shanghai Composite Index? Discussing the Market at Noon

Shenzhen market analyst Wang Zhangliang pointed out that the market experienced a surge in volume last Friday, with the Shanghai Composite Index closing at a year high and the price trend breaking expectations. In addition, the significantly increased trading volume also increased the certainty of the trend. The two sectors, finance and real estate, are the main forces driving the overall market up with volume. The strengthening of AI optical modules and other sectors has strengthened emotions. After the short-term index continues to shrink and fluctuate, it chooses to increase its volume in an upward direction, while sectors are driven by both low and strong logical sectors. If the Shanghai Composite Index confirms a breakthrough, which means it can stand at 3100 before the holiday, then the post holiday target is expected to reach 3250. This is a purely technical measurement, and further tracking and observation of the market conditions are needed in the future. In terms of sectors, we will continue to focus on strong financial, real estate, and other news driven themes in the short term.