Exclusive | Tesla and Baidu Maps Exclusive Deep Customization of Lane Level High Auxiliary Maps

The collaboration between Tesla and Baidu Maps is exclusive and deeply customized.

Yesterday, there was news that Tesla would use the advanced assisted driving map provided by Baidu for the Chinese version of FSD. Affected by this news, Baidu’s stock price in Hong Kong rose by over 6% at one point, and Tesla’s stock price in the US closed up by over 15% yesterday.

On April 30th, a reporter from First Financial News found on the website of the Ministry of Natural Resources that in addition to the “Baidu Car Navigation Map” (T version) used for car navigation services, Baidu Maps has also recently obtained approval for multiple “Advanced Assisted Driving Maps” from the Ministry of Natural Resources.

According to an insider, among the approved maps mentioned above, the GS (2023) 4634 advanced assisted driving map submitted by Baidu Zhitu Technology Co., Ltd. for navigation is the lane level map jointly completed by both parties. Tesla and Baidu Map’s cooperation this time is “exclusive” and deeply customized.

Musk replied to netizens on social media platform X this month about when FSD will be launched in China, saying, “Tesla may soon provide FSD to Chinese users.”