Hedge fund tycoons review Buffett’s shareholder meeting: Berkshire Hathaway stock price undervalued

Whitney Tilson, a research editor at Berry, told First Financial that it felt uncomfortable not to have Charlie Munger at this conference for the first time.

Whitney Tilson, a well-known investor and research editor at Berry, who has held the 27th consecutive shareholder meeting, told First Financial that it felt uncomfortable to not have Charlie Munger at the meeting for the first time because Buffett and Munger had always attended together. During the meeting, Buffett habitually turned to the left and shouted “Charlie” after answering questions, as this has always been his tradition. In the past 50 years, every time he answered a question, he would call him Charlie, and then Munger would make some supplements. But Mange is not here this time.

In addition, Tilson believes that Berkshire’s current stock price is undervalued by 5% to 10%.