Sudden | “Nothing Cannot Be Solved by Hot Pot” Announces Withdrawal, Breaking 50 Million Box Office in 3 Days

The first financial reporter noticed that there are many films that are released normally in cinemas and then suddenly withdrawn and rescheduled for release.

On May 6th, the movie “There is nothing that cannot be solved by a hot pot meal” was announced on Weibo by the civil service to be withdrawn.

The film company stated that due to various environmental factors, the film did not meet more audiences. After carefully analyzing the current situation, in order to meet the needs of more audiences, “Hot Pot” will be withdrawn from the show on May 6th and will meet with everyone again at a later date.

“Nothing Cannot be Solved by Hot Pot” is a suspenseful comedy film starring Yang Mi, Yu Qian, and others. It tells the story of a plan with a plan, a plan with a plan, and a plan with a plan that is not as good as a man’s plan. The film was released on May 1st and within three days of release, it grossed over 50 million yuan at the box office.

The reporter from First Financial News noticed that the screening was normal in the cinema and then suddenly cancelled

During this year’s Spring Festival season, “Mr. Red Carpet” directed by Ning Hao and starring Andy Lau announced its withdrawal, and the film grossed a total of 82.22 million yuan after 8 days of release. On March 15th shortly after, the film was re released, but its subsequent box office performance was average. As of now, the box office of the film is 85.87 million yuan.

Another movie released this year’s Spring Festival season is “Let’s Shake the Sun Together”. The film tells the story of two terminally ill patients, which was taboo among some viewers during the Spring Festival holiday. When withdrawing the schedule, the main producer of “Let’s Shake the Sun Together”, Lianrui Film, stated that there was a major mistake in the schedule selection and apologized to the director, actors, and other staff behind the scenes, as well as expressing gratitude to the audience. The film was re released on March 30th and did not stop spreading during the withdrawal period, ultimately earning a box office of 249 million yuan.

Sun Jiashan, Deputy Researcher of the Central Academy of Culture and Tourism Management Cadres, believes that for any film that is released normally in cinemas and then suddenly withdrawn from the screening