Guangdong: Focus on building a batch of trillion yuan and hundred billion yuan export industry clusters, including electronic information and new energy storage

Guangdong will further highlight and expand the opening up of the service industry to the outside world, and use the opening up of the service industry to drive the improvement and upgrading of service outsourcing.

On May 10th, at a press conference held by the Guangdong Provincial Information Office, Zhang Jinsong, Director of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, stated that recently, the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Government publicly released the “Opinions on Implementing the” Five External Linkages “to Promote High Level Opening up to the Outside World.”. The Opinion consists of seven major parts and 24 articles, with a focus on clarifying the work tasks of Guangdong’s “Five External Linkages” in the coming period:

One is to make every effort to promote stable scale and optimized structure in foreign trade. We will further highlight the dual benefits of trade and industry, consolidate international market share, fill import gaps, and seize the high ground of trade development. Specific measures include focusing on building a number of trillion and trillion level export industry clusters, such as electronic information, modern light industry and textile, smart home appliances, and new energy storage; Organize the “Guangdong Trade Global” overseas exhibition well, enhance the level of exhibitions such as the Canton Fair, and assist enterprises in seizing orders and expanding markets; Fully leverage the advantages of large-scale markets and accelerate the construction of import bases for bulk commodities, electronic components, and mid to high end consumer goods; Vigorously develop cross-border e-commerce, build 20 “industrial clusters+cross-border e-commerce” parks, cultivate a group of leading cross-border e-commerce enterprises with a scale of billions or even tens of billions, and build 500 large-scale overseas warehouses. At the same time, cultivate and strengthen market entities, and improve the cross-border logistics system.

The second is to promote the expansion of foreign investment, stabilize the stock, and improve the quality. We will further highlight the implementation of the “top leader” project for investment promotion, focusing on investment promotion, connecting enterprises and projects. At the same time, focusing on new quality productivity, we will carry out investment promotion in the manufacturing industry, headquarters, and equity. Shine the “Invest in Guangdong” brand and host the Global Investment Conference in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, as well as the Pearl River Delta and Guangdong East Northwest Economic and Trade Cooperation Investment Conference. Connect with international high standards to promote institutional openness and create a first-class investment environment. Establish strong investment attraction bases such as pilot free trade zones, economic development zones, and international cooperation parks, and attract a number of landmark and good projects to land.

The third is to accelerate the improvement and upgrading of service outsourcing. We will further highlight and expand the opening up of the service industry to the outside world, and use the opening up of the service industry to drive the improvement and upgrading of service outsourcing. Specific measures include vigorously developing information technology and high-end productive service outsourcing, and working together with Hong Kong and Macao to build offshore contracting centers and onshore contracting centers; Build a strong service outsourcing platform base, with a focus on building 6 service outsourcing demonstration cities, 15 digital service export bases, and 10 outsourcing public service platforms.

The fourth is to promote the improvement and strengthening of foreign economy. We will make better use of both domestic and international markets and resources to build a stable and safe industrial chain supply chain. Specific measures include strengthening cooperation with Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions to jointly build the “the Belt and Road”, and orderly guiding the rational layout of our advantageous industries overseas, such as electronic information, smart home appliances, and digital industries; Cultivate and strengthen a group of local multinational companies; High quality construction of overseas economic and trade cooperation zones, especially exploring new models of complementary cooperation in the “two countries, two parks” industrial chain.

Fifth, increase efforts to introduce foreign intelligence. We will further highlight the creation of an internationally competitive talent attraction environment, and make greater efforts to attract innovative talents and teams to gather. Specific measures include encouraging and guiding more foreign investment in the field of scientific and technological innovation, and attracting a group of high-level foreign research and development institutions to settle in Guangdong; Vigorously introduce high-precision and scarce talents, optimize policies such as foreign talent visas and overseas high-level talent recognition; Collaborate with Hong Kong and Macao to explore diverse talent attraction and utilization models, and so on.