China Kuwait “the Belt and Road” Cooperation Media Exchange Seminar Held in Kuwait

Xinhua News Agency, Kuwait City, May 21 (Reporter Luo Chen Yin) The China Kuwait “the Belt and Road” Cooperation Media Exchange Seminar jointly sponsored by Xinhua News Agency Middle East Branch and the Chinese Embassy in Kuwait was held in Havali Province, Kuwait on the 20th.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the signing of the “the Belt and Road” cooperation document between China and Kuwait. At the seminar, representatives from Kuwait News Agency, Kuwait Television, Kuwait Arab Times, Newspaper and other local mainstream media organizations made exchange speeches on topics such as “the role of media in the joint construction of the ‘the Belt and Road’ initiative and Kuwait’s’ 2035 National Vision ‘” and how the Chinese and Kuwaiti media jointly respond to challenges “.

In his speech, Zhang Jianwei, the Chinese ambassador to Kuwait, introduced the positive results of the “the Belt and Road” cooperation between China and Kuwait in many fields such as economy, trade and humanities over the past decade. He stressed that people to people connectivity is an important part of the joint construction of the “the Belt and Road”, in which the media plays an important role. It is hoped that in the future, the media of the two countries will continue to strengthen “two-way travel”, deepen cooperation, and jointly tell the story of China Kuwait friendship, China Kuwait cooperation, and joint construction of the “the Belt and Road”.

Khalid Mahdi, Secretary General of Kuwait’s Supreme Planning and Development Commission, said that the initiative of jointly building the “the Belt and Road” has brought obvious development results to jointly build the country. As one of the first countries to join the “the Belt and Road” initiative, Kuwait is constantly strengthening the docking between Kuwait’s “2035 National Vision” and the “the Belt and Road” initiative.

Wu Zhongmin, Vice President of the Middle East Branch of Xinhua News Agency, introduced the exchange and cooperation between Xinhua News Agency and Kuwaiti media, as well as Xinhua News Agency’s promotion of deep media integration and development.

About 70 government officials, media professionals, as well as cultural and business professionals from China and Science and Technology attended the seminar.