Some iPhone models are discounted by 20%, and Apple will further reduce prices within the year

On May 20th, a reporter from First Financial News found on the Tmall website that the official flagship store of Apple Store provides mobile phone coupons for iPhone 13, iPhone 14, and iPhone 15 series. The promotion period is from 20:00 on May 20th to midnight on May 28th. Taking a certain iPhone 15 Pro Max model as an example, the original price was 9999 yuan, but after receiving the coupon, the price was 7949 yuan, with a discount of over 2000 yuan; The coupon price of another iPhone 15 Pro model, originally priced at 7999 yuan, is 6099 yuan, with a price reduction of nearly 2000 yuan, a reduction of over 20%. Other discounted products include the basic models of iPhone 15, iPhone 14, and iPhone 13, with price reductions ranging from 900 yuan to 1400 yuan.

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