BMW’s new generation concept car brings a quantum leap in head-up display technology

The BMW Group will bring its BMW New Generation Concept Car, which will debut in China, at the Beijing International Auto Show. It is a member of the new-generation concept car family, and together with the BMW New-Generation X Concept Car, it demonstrates BMW’s vision for the two key market segments of sedans and SAVs.
“Ingenious design is by no means a simple stacking of technologies. The BMW Panoramic View Bridge is a revolutionary and phenomenal interactive innovation.” – Hooydonk, Senior Vice President of BMW Group Design. On the BMW New Generation Concept Car, the BMW Group demonstrated the next generation BMW iDrive human-computer interaction system, redefining the future of smart luxury travel.
BMW’s “driver-oriented” concept has become a pioneer in continuing to lead human-computer interaction. In 2001, BMW took the lead in launching the concept of intelligent human-computer interaction – the BMW iDrive operating system. In 2003, BMW took the lead in introducing the head-up display innovation on aircraft into cars, becoming the first car manufacturer in the world to provide HUD head-up display. Now, the more groundbreaking BMW Panoramic Vision Bridge and the new BMW iDrive will be launched with BMW’s new generation models in 2025, using bold innovative technologies to create a luxurious space full of humanity and technology.