What happened to these consumer industries under the rainstorm in Guangdong?

Climate change is closely related to some consumer industries.

According to the latest news from the Central Meteorological Observatory, there are still heavy to rainstorm in the border area between Guangdong and Fujian today, and a new round of rainfall will be launched tomorrow, which will be more intense and more extensive.

Energy and power supply are the first to bear the brunt. At around 14:50 on April 27th, the Zhongluotan area in Baiyun District, Guangzhou City was hit by thunderstorms, strong winds, and local tornadoes. Large floating objects caused multiple power supply lines to trip, affecting the power supply to users in Taihe Town and Zhongluotan Town in Baiyun District. In addition, there have been cases of trees falling over electric poles and wires in Guotang Village, Jianggao Town, Baiyun District.

Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Guangdong Power Grid”) Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau announced in the early morning of April 28th that it is fully organizing efforts to carry out emergency repairs of faulty equipment based on weather conditions. It has now launched a three-level emergency response for wind and flood prevention, dispatched over 300 emergency repair personnel to the scene, dispatched 45 vehicles, equipped with 5 laser clearing devices, 4 sets of large lighting equipment, arranged 15 generator cars to provide temporary power support, and quickly restored power supply to most affected users through power transfer and other methods.

During this heavy rainfall, Guangming Village and Jinpan Village in Zhongluotan Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City were significantly affected. The Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau promptly activated the emergency response mechanism and organized 3 tethered lighting drones, 2 large lighting vehicles, and 10 emergency power generation vehicles to cooperate in emergency response and power supply guarantee work at the rescue site.

According to the introduction of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau, since 14:00 on April 27, due to the influence of strong thunderstorm clouds, Zengcheng District of Guangzhou has experienced heavy rain to rainstorm, with local heavy rainstorm, and hail in Zengjiang Street, Licheng Street, Lihu Street, Zhucun Street and other towns and streets, resulting in power failure or emergency shutdown of some power supply equipment. Guangzhou Zengcheng Power Supply Bureau organized emergency repairs as soon as possible. As of 20:31 on the same day, users affected by the tornado in Zengcheng District, Guangzhou have basically resumed power.

The power supply department of Guangdong Power Grid reminds citizens to always turn off electrical power when going out during thunderstorms. When walking outdoors, do not approach electrical facilities such as poles, meter boxes, transformers, charging stations, street lights, advertising light boxes, etc. to prevent water related electric shock accidents. If the power supply line is found to be disconnected or the power supply equipment is submerged, it should be kept away and the 24-hour power supply repair service hotline should be called in a timely manner.

Under heavy rainfall, Baiyun Airport has recently launched multiple large-scale flight delay responses. At 22:26 last night, there were 51 passenger flights at Baiyun Airport that were delayed for more than an hour and had not yet departed. The blue emergency response for large-scale flight delays was immediately activated. (For specific reports, please refer to

The transportation has also affected some of the outings. According to an interview with a reporter from First Financial, there is currently no clear data showing the recent situation of Guangzhou’s tourism returns and changes, but performance estimates have a certain impact on travel. “From the weather forecast, the rainy weather in Guangzhou almost runs through the ‘May Day’ holiday. On the one hand, the heavy rain may cause flight cancellations and delays, which will inevitably affect both long-term travelers departing from Guangzhou and traveling to Guangzhou. On the other hand, some amusement facilities in tourist attractions and resorts will be temporarily suspended on rainy days. Even if tourists come in the rain, their gaming experience will be affected. However, there are still a few days left until the ‘May Day’ holiday, and we still need to see the situation at that time.” Zhang Zhining, CEO of Reliable Tourism, told First Financial reporters.

The rainstorm weather also affected the business of some catering enterprises. On April 28, insiders of Jiumaojiu Group replied to China Business News that the continuous rainstorm in Guangzhou recently had a certain impact on the company’s store orders. The head of another chain restaurant in Guangfo region told First Financial reporters that its Guangzhou store orders are expected to decrease by 15%. As for whether the upcoming May Day holiday will continue to be affected, it remains to be seen.