“City in the City” showcases the brutality of commercial warfare, with Tianyancha assisting credit due diligence to gain insight into risks

Recently, the industry drama “City within the City” has become a hot broadcast, with sharp strokes depicting the temptation of interests and the game of humanity in the “City of Finance”.

In the drama, Zhao Hui, the deputy manager of the branch played by Yu Hewei, is pulled by human relationships and rules, and the spirit of practitioners who adhere to professional bottom lines and maintain financial order is commendable.

Faced with his old classmate Xie Zhiyuan’s request to raise high credit funds, Zhao Hui used the “equity penetration” function of Tianyancha to expose the hidden identity of his major shareholder in Qingyuan Guarantee Company. As the President of Yuanzhou Trust, Xie Zhiyuan secretly signed a Qingyuan guarantee equity agency agreement, operating a profit margin between trust fees and guarantee fees. His misconduct of embezzlement of position has become a certainty, and he was ultimately punished by the law.


('Fragments from (‘Fragments from “City within the City”‘,)

Tianyancha helps financial professionals to conduct due diligence in scenarios such as loan granting, financial transactions, and IPO listings, timely insight into risks, and maintain their “city within the city” in this society full of monetary benefits. It is regarded by financial institutions as an essential tool for due diligence. The “equity penetration” function that appears in “City in the City” is one of the due diligence tools.

Through the “Tianyancha App’s” Tianyantu “section, it can be seen that the” Equity Penetration “function has segmented capabilities such as” Equity Structure Panorama “,” Behind the scenes Capital Panorama Correlation Path “,” Equity Relationship “,” Shareholder Shareholding Penetration “,” Beneficial Owner “, and” Actual Control “, which helps to penetrate complex equity, clearly display the capital map, and also clarify equity relationships and explore common capital.

('Tianyancha App interface',)(‘Tianyancha App interface’,)

In March of this year, Tianyancha appeared as a due diligence tool in the popular drama “Little Day”. In the drama, the male lead Zhu Jincao uses the “equity penetration” function to expose the equity relationship between the gallery owner and the money laundering company, performing a heroic scene of rescuing the beauty.

It is understood that the “beneficial owner” and “actual control” query function of Tianyancha is designed in accordance with the “Notice of the People’s Bank of China on Strengthening the Identification of Anti Money Laundering Customers”. By sorting out the equity relationships of the target enterprise layer by layer, it achieves penetration identification of the ultimate beneficial owner of the enterprise, visualizes and presents the equity chain in a concise and path oriented manner, helping financial practitioners accurately identify customers suspected of money laundering from the complex commercial data, thereby saving a lot of time and energy.

After years of deep cultivation, the Tianyancha platform has collected a total of 340 million social entities nationwide and 640 million global, with over 1000 dimensions of commercial search information updated in real-time. In terms of product functions, a multi-dimensional data service system has been formed, covering association analysis library, risk list library, enterprise number library, etc. It has nearly a hundred value-added services, including property clues, Tianyan risk, deep risk, related enterprises, judicial cases, equity penetration, shell company identification, enterprise query, credit query, intellectual property query, etc., achieving comprehensive control from risk insight to risk warning.

In recent years, Tianyancha has continuously improved its platform data capabilities, using multi-level products such as API data interfaces, databases, professional versions, and apps to meet the compliance data needs of the financial industry. More and more financial institutions are using Tianyancha’s big data advantages to provide decision-making support. According to the Analysys report, as an industry leader, Tianyancha has penetrated nearly 80% of the market, and 58% of professional users choose to use Tianyancha.