Tesla China version FSD collaborates with Baidu? Baidu did not comment

On April 29th, sources announced that Tesla will deploy its Full Self Driving (FSD) autonomous driving service for the Chinese market on top of Baidu’s lane level navigation and maps.

Baidu’s stock price rose more than 6% this afternoon, and as of press release, Baidu rose 4.36% to HKD 105.3.

First Financial asked Baidu about this, but as of the time of publication, Baidu has not responded to it.

Musk replied to netizens on social media platform X this month about when FSD will be launched in China, saying, “Tesla may soon provide FSD to Chinese users.”

The first thing that FSD needs to address in order to land in China is the compliance issue of cross-border transmission of automotive data. According to the official announcement from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) on the inspection of four safety requirements for automotive data processing (first batch), 76 models from six companies, including BYD, Ideal, Lotus, Hezhong New Energy (Nezha Automobile), Tesla, and NIO, meet the four compliance requirements for automotive data security.

Baidu is one of the suppliers in China with key modules for autonomous driving functions. In 2020, the map data service provider for Tesla China changed to Baidu Maps.

The reporter noticed that at the recent Beijing Auto Show, Baidu Vice President Shang Guobin announced a close cooperation with Tesla. According to him, Baidu Maps’ true lane level navigation function will be launched globally on Tesla models, providing drivers with more real-time, accurate, safe, and efficient navigation services.