Wuxi City and the Torch Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Deepen Strategic Cooperation

On April 28th, the Wuxi Municipal Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Torch High tech Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The two sides will work together to promote the transformation and industrialization of more scientific and technological achievements in Wuxi, support the construction of a high-tech park with global influence in Wuxi High tech Zone, support the cultivation and development of tin free innovative enterprises, and better empower Wuxi to accelerate the development of new quality productivity according to local conditions.

Zhao Jianjun expressed gratitude to the Torch Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for its long-term care and support for the economic and social development of Wuxi.

He said that Wuxi is deeply implementing the important directive spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, strengthening efforts to promote the deep integration of scientific and technological innovation and industrial innovation, and comprehensively promoting the upgrading of traditional industries, the growth of emerging industries, and the cultivation of future industries. In this process, the demonstration and guidance of the National High tech Zone and the torch center are indispensable.

I hope that both parties can take this signing as an opportunity to work together to promote the implementation of cooperation matters, and open a new chapter of mutual benefit and collaborative innovation. Looking forward to the Torch Center

Lv Xianzhi highly praised the achievements of Wuxi in the construction and development of high-tech zones in recent years, and he said

The Torch Center will be based on a new starting point, adhere to promoting industrial innovation through scientific and technological innovation, and lead the construction of a modern industrial system. It will actively leverage its own system advantages, data advantages, think tank advantages, and platform advantages, strengthen resource docking and project introduction in talent gathering, international cooperation, and “double high” linkage, and assist the development of various high-tech zones in Wuxi in forging strengths and filling weaknesses. It will fully support Wuxi High tech Zone in building a world-class high-tech park, and promote cooperation between the two sides to form more highlights and achieve fruitful results.

The Torch Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as the specific implementation institution of the China Torch Plan, mainly undertakes the high-tech industrialization work for national high-tech industrial development zones, national independent innovation demonstration zones, science and technology enterprise incubators, high-tech enterprises, technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, and innovative industrial clusters.

According to the agreement, our city and the Torch Center will deepen practical cooperation around jointly building a new type of industrialization demonstration zone, promoting the development of future industries and industrial clusters, strengthening international cooperation, conducting strategic research, and jointly building a platform for the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, a high-level science and technology innovation service platform, and a high-end talent training system.

By establishing and improving work mechanisms such as irregular visits and daily contacts, we will further guide the gathering of advanced technology, high-end talents, scientific and technological innovation carriers, innovative capital and other resource elements at all levels of Wuxi High tech Zone, comprehensively enhance the independent innovation ability of enterprises in our city, industrial scientific and technological innovation ability, innovation resource aggregation ability, and regional innovation development ability, and build a high-tech park with global influence.