Yang Shoujun: As the holiday approaches, stock selection focuses on quality and switching between high and low | Micro strategy

Trillion of dollars can reappear, and the index once again touches the annual line. As the holiday approaches, stock selection should focus on quality and pay attention to switching between high and low. Positive direction: undervalued performance stocks and individual stocks that benefit from policy expectations. Industry research: humanoid robots. The emergence of large models has made mass production of humanoid robots possible. The humanoid robot “Tiangong” has achieved humanoid running at a speed of 6 kilometers per hour in Beijing. Humanoid robots are expected to become a disruptive platform product after computers, smartphones, and new energy vehicles. As a new quality productivity for intelligent upgrading, they are expected to continue to give rise to new industries, models, and formats. Focus direction: sensors; Electric motor; Computational power; Lightweight materials and other fields.