Originating from Natural Preciousness, Extraordinary Pleasure, and Natural Pleasure – The Radiant Opening of the Lao Fengxiang Diamond Jewelry Exhibition

To support the 5th Shanghai “May 5th Shopping Festival” and the “Shanghai Summer” international consumption season, a one month “Joyful Nature and Pleasant Hearts” event will be held

As the longest, largest, and most diverse treasure exhibition of Lao Fengxiang in recent years, at the opening of the exhibition, the 2024 spring new products, mainly featuring the “Yuedong” natural diamond inlay series, were simultaneously launched in thousands of Lao Fengxiang Silver Shop stores across the country, reflecting Lao Fengxiang’s new exploration in fully establishing the “Shanghai Shopping” brand, further “boosting confidence, stabilizing growth, and promoting consumption”, and promoting the prosperity and development of China’s jewelry industry.

Xiang Jue, Deputy Director of the Commerce Commission of Huangpu District, Shanghai, and the Management and Coordination Office of the Shanghai Diamond and Jade Trading Joint Management Office

Deputy Director Lv Ping, Vice President of Shanghai Diamond Exchange Yan Nanhai, General Manager of the Natural Diamond Association in Greater China Xu Yilei, General Manager of Lao Fengxiang Co., Ltd. Huang Hua, and Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Lao Fengxiang Co., Ltd. Feng Shuo jointly launched the exhibition.

Brilliant Tiancheng

Natural diamonds were formed 90 to 3 billion years ago in a high-temperature and high-pressure environment approximately 160 kilometers below the Earth’s surface. They are highly praised for their perfect shape, hardness, rarity, fire resistance, and strong fire color. The miracles and gifts of nature have made natural diamonds rare and precious. The exquisite design, polishing, and production of natural diamonds have made them brilliant treasures. The “Silk Road Glory” ring on display this time features a 1.35-carat square shaped diamond with a cut angle, with a purple tint in the rich pink. The design inspiration comes from the wisdom and beauty of the Silk Road, like the birth of red, emitting a pure and prosperous light, illuminating the shining Silk Road. The award-winning work of Chinese arts and crafts master Huang Wen, “Like Stars and Moons,” is set with 25 high-quality pear shaped canary yellow diamonds. The white ladder diamonds are like wings spreading around the inlay, like a beautiful arc drawn by a pair of phoenix divine birds in the starry night sky, full of poetic and picturesque charm.

Ultimate craftsmanship

Lao Fengxiang is one of the earliest brands in China to participate in the design, processing, manufacturing, and sales of natural diamonds, and has gone through nearly a century of development with the diamond industry. This exhibition brings together the masterpieces of Lao Fengxiang, a national level inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, Chinese masters of arts and crafts, and Shanghai masters of arts and crafts for many years. There are representative works by national level masters of Lao Fengxiang, such as “Feather Show”, “Peace of the Year”, “Listening to the Sound in the Bamboo Grove”, and “Rose Life”, as well as the treasure “Bugatti Old Car” from the Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts. There are also many new works by young designers of Lao Fengxiang, such as “Color Construction”, “Wings Exhibition”, and “Aurora Radiance”. These works create

The unique creativity and exquisite craftsmanship of Lao Fengxiang reflect his strong strength as the cradle of Chinese arts and crafts masters, adhering to “inheritance and innovation”, and accumulating strength for the century old national brand to advance.

Collection of Prosperous Times

As a brand with a century of glory, Lao Fengxiang has numerous classic collections and is also the accumulation and accumulation of the brand: the billion yuan collection of pink diamonds shines brightly in the world; China’s first diamond platinum ring replica classic debut; The 175th anniversary commemorative edition of Lao Fengxiang’s natural diamond hourglass vividly showcases the passage of time with 190 carat diamonds. This exhibition not only highlights the beauty of diamonds, but also showcases the exquisite craftsmanship of Lao Fengxiang, who carefully selected high-quality diamonds through their ingenious ideas and clever hands. Through exquisite cutting and inlay techniques, they perfectly blend them with jadeite, colored gemstones, and precious metals to create stunning diamond bead art treasures. Chinese arts and crafts master Zhang Xinyi’s recent masterpiece “Dance of the Stars” portrays the brilliant and stunning starry sky. Chinese master of arts and crafts, Zhang Jingyang, uses seven brightly colored imperial jadeite egg faces as the main body, paired with high-quality diamonds of various shapes and consistent colors, to create the legendary work “Year after Year Peace”. As the youngest Chinese master of arts and crafts in the industry, Huang Wen’s “Blooming Rich and Noble Flowers” takes peony flowers as the prototype, a rare emerald cut in pear shape weighing 21.9 carats as the main stone. Through exquisite inlay techniques, it unleashes the elegant and luxurious diamond flower fragrance.

“As a leading representative in the industry, Lao Fengxiang was not only one of the first member units of the Diamond Exchange, but also received a symbolic ‘Diamond Exchange First Order’ in 2000. Today, the successful holding of the Lao Fengxiang Diamond Jewelry Exhibition showcases the ‘true beauty’ of natural diamonds, believing that it will play a positive role in boosting industry confidence!” Yan Nanhai, Vice President of the Shanghai Diamond Exchange, addressed Lao Fengxiang at the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

The diamond industry has a long history and profound cultural heritage, making it an indispensable backbone for the prosperity and development of the jewelry market. China is an important producer and consumer of diamond jewelry, and is currently in a position in the global diamond consumption market

Against the backdrop of continuous change and facing new opportunities and challenges, Lao Fengxiang adheres to his original intention and strives for the sustainable development of China’s diamond industry At the unveiling ceremony, Huang Hua, the General Manager of Lao Fengxiang Co., Ltd., delivered an enthusiastic speech.

During the exhibition, nearly 200 stores in the Shanghai area of Lao Fengxiang simultaneously launched numerous new measures to support consumption through discounts and concessions, such as distributing “Five Five Happy Shopping” vouchers worth 100 million yuan to Lao Fengxiang members; In response to the national policy of “exchanging old for new promotion fees”, we provide customers with “no additional gold for this brand” for jewelry replacement; Meituan Dianping offers a variety of promotional activities, such as the “limited time double benefits” where 1 yuan is used to offset 100 yuan in labor costs, to further promote consumption upgrading and build an international consumption center city in Huangpu District and Shanghai.

From now until May 27th, the Lao Fengxiang Diamond Jewelry Exhibition accepts QR code reservations for visits