Shanghai launches the “Health Consumption Festival”, focusing on four groups of people to launch popular discount activities

Each chain pharmacy mainly targets the health needs of four groups of people: middle-aged and elderly people, office workers, mothers, and disabled people, and launches promotional activities for popular products.

As one of the distinctive themes of the “May 5th Shopping Festival”, the fourth “Health Consumption Festival” in 2024 will be launched on the last day of the May 1st holiday, to popularize health concepts and knowledge and promote healthy consumption.

This year’s series of activities are organized by the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Business Industry Association and the Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Association, in collaboration with various Dalian lock pharmacies and major brands in Shanghai, integrating theme activities such as the Wild Mountain Ginseng Festival and the Ointment Formula Festival, and launching popular health products and discount promotions. At the same time, community organizations are deeply involved in providing characteristic services to meet the diverse health consumption needs of citizens.

During the event, various chain pharmacies mainly targeted the health needs of four groups of people: middle-aged and elderly people, office workers, mothers, and disabled people, and launched promotional activities for popular products. Some retail pharmacies have issued health consumption vouchers to encourage citizens to participate in consumption.

Among them, for the middle-aged and elderly population aged 50 and above, health products such as wild ginseng powder, Shiquan Da Bu Gao, wild ginseng, arm electronic blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter, and cultural and creative sachet are launched mainly for the purpose of chronic disease, osteoporosis, and nutrient supplementation.

For the working class, with the goal of health preservation and sub-health care, we supplement nutrients and launch products such as home standard medication, refined herbal medicine, and nutrients, such as Multidimensional Element Tablets (29-II), Vitamin D2 Soft Capsules, Step length Biotin Pantothenic Acid Tablets, American Ginseng, Quan’an Su, and Cervical Fixer.

For Baoma people, with the goal of family disease prevention and management, and taking into account the supplement of children’s common nutrients, we launched products such as astragalus granule, compound ass hide glue paste, bird’s nest, Newsbow brand DHA algal oil zinc gluconate soft capsule, Shaner probiotic powder, children’s calcium carbonate D3 granule, Lebento milk mineral salt, aminosugar chondroitin powder, non-contact infrared thermometer, etc.

For people with disabilities, we focus on medical equipment and health assistance products, such as steel tube manual wheelchairs, in ear hearing aids, etc. At the same time, we improve pharmacy extension services to guide consumers in the correct use of equipment.

In addition, traditional Chinese medicine time-honored enterprises combine traditional excellent traditional Chinese medicine culture with modern urban healthy lifestyle, and launch cultural and creative products that have won honors such as “Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage”, “Shanghai Selected Special Companion Gift”, and “Shanghai Gift”. These products include traditional Chinese medicine bracelets, fragrant beads, necklaces and pendants, plant essential oils, agarwood products, as well as green health products that can be used for health tea, nourishing ointments, medicine, and food. They also educate consumers on the quality identification skills of wild ginseng and other valuable nourishing medicinal materials, and use high-quality products and services to stabilize and expand the consumer group of the big health industry.

In terms of health services, this year’s “Health Consumption Festival” will launch three major service measures, namely setting up a “Health Consumption Festival” special area in the Shanghai commercial district, carrying out public welfare services, and conducting online traffic attraction.

Among them, in terms of benefiting the people, Shanghai will carry out a series of special health activities in combination with the health needs of communities and enterprises, hold special health lectures, popularize health science knowledge, and spread the concept of health preservation in excellent traditional culture; At the same time, relying on relevant platforms, hold online live broadcasts of health lectures to teach scientific concepts related to health preservation and consumption. From May to June, we will also organize 120 Spring Breeze Action events in the community, providing residents with health and wellness services from every store. We will also provide testing services for common chronic diseases, such as blood sugar, blood pressure, blood lipids, and other indicators, and explain the management plan for chronic diseases.

At the launch ceremony on May 5th, Abbott also released “Quan An Su”, completing the Chinese debut of this innovative product in the health field.