Beijing: This year, we plan to supply 200 hectares of land for rental and sales oriented affordable housing

According to the 2024 Beijing Housing Development Annual Plan, this year we plan to supply 200 hectares of land for rental and sales oriented affordable housing, and approximately 6 million square meters of commercial housing.

On May 11th, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban Rural Development released the “2024 Beijing Housing Development Annual Plan”. According to the plan, this year we plan to supply 200 hectares of land for rental and sales oriented affordable housing, and approximately 6 million square meters of commercial housing.

2024 Beijing Housing Development Annual Plan

In order to implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and the Two Sessions of the People’s Republic of China, always implement the positioning of “houses are for living, not for speculation”, accelerate the construction of a housing system with multi subject supply, multi-channel guarantee, and simultaneous rental and purchase, comprehensively implement the overall urban plan, better meet the rigid housing needs and diversified improvement housing needs of residents, and promote the people to have a place to live, a livable place to live, and a secure place to live, this plan is formulated in combination with the actual situation of Beijing.

1、 Stable and orderly supply of housing land.

2、 Continuously constructing and raising affordable housing. We will closely adhere to the requirements of the “Seven Haves” and the “Five Sex” needs of citizens, increase the protection of registered families in public rental housing, and steadily improve the protection rate of registered families. Families who are eligible for subsistence allowance, low-income, severely disabled, or seriously ill before the end of 2023 will apply for “full coverage”. Research and formulate standards for the admission and exit of public rental housing households, and gradually improve the construction of the later supervision and management system mechanism. Further improve the guarantee methods for public rental housing and guide families to solve housing difficulties by receiving market rental subsidies. Vigorously develop affordable rental housing, fully leverage the role of market mechanisms, implement policy support for land, finance and taxation, and finance, and guide social entities to invest in the construction of affordable rental housing. Consolidate the main responsibilities of each district, and increase the supply of affordable rental housing through various methods such as new construction, renovation, renovation, and transformation. Strengthen the design of affordable rental housing products and build a multi-level supply pattern of affordable rental housing for residential, apartment, and dormitory types. Give full play to the role of expert review mechanism and strengthen guidance on the planning and layout, layout design, and other aspects of affordable rental housing projects. This year, we plan to build and raise 70000 units of affordable rental housing, and complete 80000 units of various types of affordable housing. Actively promote the implementation of the policy of planning, constructing and distributing affordable housing.

3、 Better meet reasonable housing needs.

4、 Standardize the development of the housing rental market. Fully implement the Beijing Housing Rental Regulations, improve the housing rental policy system, implement policies such as housing rental deposit custody and rent supervision, regulate personal subletting, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of tenants. We will focus on the rental demand of new citizens, young people and migrant workers, increase the supply of affordable rental housing for apartments and dormitories, support the standardized development of the long-term rental apartment industry, and increase the supply of “one bed, one room” market-oriented rental housing. Guide the operation units of affordable rental housing and long-term rental apartments, improve their operational management level, create brand communities, establish a map of affordable rental housing projects, and facilitate the public’s access to housing information. Organize annual “return to work season” and “graduation season” themed activities to benefit the public in renting housing, so that the public can “rent”, “rent steadily”, and “rent warmly”. Continuously rectify and regulate the housing rental market, strengthen subject registration, contract registration, and fund supervision, increase law enforcement inspections and warning exposures for illegal and irregular behaviors, and continue to create “no group rental communities”.

5、 Continuously prevent and resolve real estate risks. Further strengthen the main responsibility of enterprises, accelerate the clearance of existing project risks, and achieve full delivery of what should be delivered. Continuously carry out monitoring of information on pre-sale project construction, sales, fund operation, social public opinion, etc., promptly address any problems found, and strictly prevent new risks. Revise and implement pre-sale fund supervision policies to ensure the safe use of pre-sale funds and the normal construction of projects. Continuously promote the sales of existing houses. Continuously improve the coordination mechanism for real estate financing, make good use of the “white list” of real estate project financing support, and support the reasonable financing needs of real estate enterprises of different ownership equally in accordance with the principles of marketization and rule of law.

6、 Increase the supply of high-quality housing. Summarize and promote the city’s experience and practices in green building actions, prefabricated buildings, fully decorated finished house delivery, and the implementation of delivery model rooms. Expand the pilot construction of high-quality housing, support architects in carefully designing age friendly housing and residential areas, encourage enterprises to develop good products, materials, and equipment, and work together to build high-quality housing that meets the needs of the people. Conduct a survey on the living quality of affordable housing, extract the basic elements and key indicators of “good houses”, and study and formulate implementation opinions and guidelines for the construction of “good houses” in affordable housing. Standardize the sales behavior of commercial housing and urge real estate enterprises to provide products and services that match quality and price. Strengthen the quality management of housing engineering, continuously rectify the frequent problems of housing quality, further implement the pre inspection and household acceptance system for newly built housing, and carry out the treatment of common quality problems such as wall leakage, poor sound insulation, ground hollowing, wall peeling, and incorrect boards from the source, so that the people can move in with peace of mind.

7、 Promote the renovation of old residential areas and dangerous old buildings. According to the end of the 14th Five Year Plan period, we will strive to basically complete the renovation tasks of old residential areas in the city, and make every effort to promote the completion of this year’s renovation tasks. 300 new construction and 200 completion projects will be carried out for the comprehensive renovation of old residential areas, and 1000 new construction and 600 completion projects will be carried out for the installation of elevators in old buildings. We will do our best and act within our capacity, with a focus on implementing basic renovations, actively promoting and improving renovations, coordinating and carrying out upgrading renovations, actively and orderly promoting the renovation of old residential areas, and achieving new models, mechanisms, and appearances in the renovation of old residential areas. Strengthen the guidance of party building, guide diverse governance, strengthen community governance, establish and improve long-term management mechanisms for communities, and strive to create a clean, harmonious, and livable happy home. Continuously improving the “elevator map” and striving to create a better service platform. Initiate the renovation of dilapidated buildings (simple buildings vacated) with an area of 200000 square meters, continuously expanding the coverage of policies for the renovation of dilapidated buildings.

8、 Grasp the key small matters of property management. Consolidate the foundation of smart property management, safety production, personnel training and other property management, deepen reforms in specialized maintenance funds, industry norms, comprehensive supervision and other aspects, launch the “4 100” brands that the people can see and feel, build 100 property service demonstration projects that satisfy the people, select 100 demonstration enterprises with strong comprehensive service capabilities, launch 100 standardized operating homeowner committees (property management committees) as benchmarks, and select 100 “most beautiful property owners”. Solidly carry out the work of handling complaints immediately, focus on the work arrangement of “one question per month”, and further promote the resolution of pain points and difficulties in property management; Quarterly rolling governance of prominent property management issues in the top 100 residential areas with demands; Establish and improve the dynamic adjustment mechanism for “governance oriented” residential areas, and encourage localities to actively carry out governance. Support local innovation pilot projects in various districts and streets (townships), and strive to create a benchmark for property management in the capital and a national demonstration. Effectively leverage the role of industry party committees and industry associations, and lead the high-quality development of the industry through party building.