Healthy Shanghai, everyone comes to compete! Chen Jining announces the opening of the 4th Shanghai Civic Games, and Gong Zheng delivers a speech

Actively promote the deep integration of national fitness and national health development.

Healthy Shanghai, everyone comes to compete. This morning (May 12th), the opening ceremony of the 4th Shanghai Civic Games was held at the Shanghai Stadium.

Shanghai Municipal Party Secretary Chen Jining announced the opening of the 4th Shanghai Civic Games. Gong Zheng, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, delivered a speech.

Huang Lixin, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Hu Wenrong, Chairman of the Municipal Political Consultative Conference, and Li Zheng, Chen Jing, and Jin Xingming, leaders of the city, attended the opening ceremony. Vice Mayor Jie Dong presided over the ceremony.

Gong Zheng, on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, warmly congratulates the opening of this sports meet. He said that in recent years, Shanghai has focused on building a globally renowned sports city, deeply implementing the national strategy of national fitness, and accelerating the construction of a higher-level public service system for national fitness. The Citizen Games create a stage for everyone to compete, pursue a healthy life for everyone, promote the spirit of everyone’s progress, and look forward to more citizen friends actively participating. They will showcase their skills on the stage of the Citizen Games, compete with friends, and jointly experience the charm of sports and share the joy of sports. Taking sports as a way of life, participating in sports can strengthen one’s physical fitness, cultivate a positive mindset, and better achieve a brilliant life and a bright future. Fully experience the spirit of transcending oneself, pursuing excellence, and uniting and striving in sports, and devote oneself to economic and social development with more enthusiasm and higher fighting spirit, gathering tremendous strength for promoting Shanghai’s modernization construction.

After the opening ceremony, the 2024 China Coordinates · Shanghai Urban Directional Outdoor Challenge, jointly participated by 11000 athletes, officially began. In recent years, Shanghai has actively promoted the deep integration of national fitness and national health, accelerated the construction of high-quality sports spaces where fitness can be achieved everywhere, advocated a modern lifestyle of “wanting to exercise every day”, and cultivated a high-level health literacy of “everyone can exercise”.

On the second floor platform of the Shanghai Sports Stadium, fitness enthusiasts from 16 districts showcased their sports skills and conveyed the concept of healthy living. Chen Jining and other city leaders observed one by one on site. Seeing the old, middle and young Qi in the exhibition area, especially the teenagers who skillfully displayed table tennis skills, played roller skating football, operated UAV football, and demonstrated folk sports, the city leaders praised the sunny and healthy state of everyone’s active participation in sports, encouraged everyone to always maintain fitness enthusiasm, continue to participate in sports, and jointly promote the “moving” of the national fitness and integration into daily life, so as to bring more citizens, especially the youth group, to participate in it, cultivate hobbies, enjoy happiness, strengthen physique, and hone their will in sports, to form a healthy lifestyle, and to contribute more to the building of a Chinese path to modernization model city of national fitness.

As a landmark brand event in Shanghai’s vigorous development of mass sports, the quadrennial Citizen Games aim to provide citizens with a platform to showcase themselves and advocate for health, with the motto of “participation, sports, health, and happiness for all”. This year’s Civic Games consists of two major sections: competitions and activities, covering various groups such as children and adolescents, employees, elderly people, migrant workers in Shanghai, and foreign friends. This year, a total of 126 delegations have signed up for the competition, with participants from various districts, municipal government agencies, enterprise groups, troops stationed in Shanghai, universities, etc.