“Encountering Sanxingdui -12K Macro View of National Treasures Global Tour” Opened in Qatar

Xinhua News Agency, Doha, June 9 (Reporter Wang Qiang) “Encounter Sanxingdui -12K Global Tour of National Treasures at a Macro Distance” was opened in Qatar’s largest cultural park, Katala Cultural Village, on June 9. The exhibition aims to strengthen foreign exchange of cultural relics, promote the ancient Shu civilization of Sanxingdui into countries along the “the Belt and Road”, and continue to expand the international influence of Sanxingdui culture.

Qatar is the first stop of this global tour overseas. The exhibition comprehensively utilizes 12K videos, naked eye 3D, VR, interactive installations, and cultural relics replicas, supplemented by original theme music and painting based artistic expressions, providing audiences with multiple experiences such as viewing, listening, and feeling, immersing them in the extraordinary artistic imagination and amazing creativity of ancient Shu civilization, and realizing the diverse, open, and inclusive Chinese civilization.

Khalid, the General Manager of Katala Cultural Village, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, stating that this exhibition showcases the grand archaeological museum in southwestern China, showcasing numerous bronze artifacts and rare treasures, with extraordinary significance.

Fan Xiaohua, Director of the Sanxingdui Museum Scenic Area Management Committee, told reporters, “We hope to use the ‘culture+technology’ approach to enable Sanxingdui culture to cross countries, travel through history and present, and come to Qatar’s audience in a clearer, more vivid, and lively manner, so that Qatar’s friends can have a deeper understanding of Sanxingdui and Chinese civilization.”

Local resident Nina said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency at the scene, “Sanxingdui really opened my eyes. Being in the Middle East Gulf region, I have never had the opportunity to see such stunning Chinese cultural relics.”

The Qatar Station of this tour is jointly organized by the Sanxingdui Museum and the Katala Cultural Village, and will continue until the 20th.