The first international freight train of China Laos Railway (Zhengzhou Vientiane) runs according to the diagram

On April 11th, at the Putian Station of China Railway Group Zhengzhou Bureau, China Railway Union’s gantry crane loaded containers onto freight trains.

On the same day, the 80031 freight train loaded with 45 containers, such as mechanical parts, ceramic glass products, gauze, freezers, washing machines, etc., left Putian Station of Zhengzhou Bureau of China Railway Group, marking the official operation of the first Sino Laos railway (Zhengzhou Vientiane) international freight train according to the diagram.

It is understood that the international freight trains of the China Laos Railway (Zhengzhou Vientiane) run three trains a week according to the figure, with an average running time of six days.

Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Gang