Universities reward faculty and staff members who give birth to a second child with 50000 yuan, and many well-known enterprises encourage employees to have children

Since the implementation of the three child policy in our country, the intensive measures to encourage childbirth have had an increasingly positive impact, creating a fertility friendly atmosphere throughout society. At the same time, in the current process of building a fertility friendly society, it is also necessary for multiple parties in society to form a joint force.

Currently, while local governments are intensively issuing measures to encourage childbirth, many enterprises and individual private universities have also joined the ranks of encouraging childbirth.

According to the news released by Qiqihar Engineering College, on April 10th, Qiqihar Engineering College held a fertility reward conference, at which 50000 yuan was awarded to faculty and staff members who gave birth to a second child. On March 5th, when her son was seven years old, Zhao Tingting gave birth to her second daughter. According to the school’s regulations on a reward of 50000 yuan for families with a second child and 100000 yuan for families with a third child, Cui Xiaodong and Zhao Tingting were the first to receive the school’s reward for having a second child.

Professor Cao Yong’an, the founding president and chairman of the school, stated at the meeting that population is the prerequisite for the reproduction and growth of the nation, and the foundation for the development and growth of the country. The school has implemented a “people-oriented” concept of giving birth to multiple children as a reward system. Teachers and staff who give birth to a second or third child are rewarded with 50000 yuan and 100000 yuan respectively, which is a major event that benefits the rights and interests of teachers and staff.

Qiqihar Engineering College is a private ordinary university. The school has announced that it encourages young faculty and staff to actively give birth, setting a precedent for universities in the city and even in the province to distribute second child birth rewards to faculty and staff. It is hoped that more faculty and staff will receive this reward in the near future.

At the same time, more and more enterprises are joining the ranks of encouraging childbirth.

In March of this year, Miniso released the “Marriage and Childhood Reward Plan”, which showed that it would invest 10 million yuan for the first time to distribute marriage and childbearing rewards to officially employed employees who have been in the company for over a year. The plan shows that employees who complete marriage registration procedures during their employment will enjoy a marriage gift of 10000 yuan per household unit. In terms of employee childbirth gifts, the first to third child childbirth gifts are 10000 yuan, 20000 yuan, and 30000 yuan, respectively. The plan also states that: every

Since 2021, more than ten enterprises have issued measures to encourage employees to have children, including many well-known enterprises such as Mingchuangyoupin, Ctrip, Qunar, Dabeinong, Qiaoyin Shares, Kwai, Qiaolong Emergency, etc. The measures taken by these enterprises mainly focus on providing cash subsidies for childbirth employees and extending maternity leave.

Among them, in 2023, Ctrip Group announced the launch of a maternity subsidy policy for global employees – “Cheng Second Generation”

In the same year, the listed company Qiaoyin Co., Ltd. (002973. SZ) issued a notice on improving employee fertility benefits, which stipulated that after giving birth, Qiaoyin Co., Ltd. employees can enjoy quarterly reimbursement benefits of 4200 yuan, 3150 yuan, and 1500 yuan for milk powder and diaper expenses when their first child is 0-1 years old, 1-2 years old, and 2-3 years old, respectively. After giving birth to a second child, in addition to enjoying reimbursement benefits for one child’s milk powder and diapers, the company will also bear the tuition fees for the second child to attend a public kindergarten; If the second child enrolls in a non-public kindergarten, subsidies will be provided according to the tuition fees of the public kindergarten in the street where the employee’s family resides. After giving birth to three children, in addition to enjoying the benefits of having one or two children mentioned above, the company will also give employees a one-time reward of 100000 yuan.

Professor Jiang Quanbao from the Institute of Population and Development at Xi’an Jiaotong University analyzed that the whole society is actively building a fertility friendly society, and some companies have introduced measures to encourage employees to have children, which is conducive to forming an atmosphere of encouraging childbirth in the whole society. At the same time, in this process, some companies are doing well, while others may face significant operational pressure and lack sufficient resources. Therefore, it is crucial to establish more mechanisms for sharing reproductive costs.