Lin Jiaqi: Hong Kong stocks break through resistance levels and rise at the top. Theme stocks bloom at multiple points

The trend of major stock indices in the Asia Pacific region is differentiated, with Hong Kong stocks rising for 6 consecutive times and heavily supported by blue chips. How to observe the future? Lin Jiaqi, Investment Director of Yuanyu Securities Fund, said that Hong Kong stocks have broken through resistance levels and risen among the top in the global market, with many theme stocks blossoming. AIA announced its first quarter results, with a 31% increase in new business value in the first quarter, reaching a new quarterly high. All reported divisions achieved double-digit growth in new business value, and the profit margin of new business value increased to 54.2%. The company announced an increase of $2 billion in stock repurchase plans earlier. What is the future for AIA? Lin Jiaqi believes that the value of AIA’s new business has reached a new high, and a large number of early pullbacks and repurchases can boost market confidence.