Foundation laying for the upgrade project of roads in eastern Uganda undertaken by Chinese enterprises

Budadiri, Uganda, June 6 (Xinhua) – The Ugandan government officially launched the upgrade and renovation project of the Namagumba Nalu ancient road in Budadiri Town, Xilongko District, eastern Ukraine on June 5. Ukrainian Prime Minister Robina Nabanja, representatives from the Uganda National Highway Authority and the construction company China Shandong Expressway Group attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

This 39 kilometer mountainous road upgrade and renovation project is financed by the African Development Bank, and the entire line includes 120 circular culverts, 14 box culverts, and 4 bridges. The construction content mainly involves upgrading the existing gravel soil road to a two-way two lane asphalt concrete road.

Nabanja paid tribute to the representative of the construction party in Chinese during the ceremony. She urged the local people to protect construction equipment to ensure the smooth progress of the project.

Samuel Muhuzi, an official in charge of road and bridge construction at the Uganda National Highways Authority, said that this project will help solve local transportation problems, promote trade and tourism development. The quality of the road projects constructed by Chinese enterprises in Ukraine has withstood the test of time, and the Ukrainian government believes that the construction party will excellently complete this project.

Jiang Chuanliang, the project manager of Shandong Expressway Group, told reporters that the project is planned to last for three years and will employ more than 600 local workers. After the completion of the project, the road passage time will be significantly reduced. Health and medical centers and community service roads will also be added along the road to improve the local urban service level.

Xilongko District is adjacent to the industrial town of Mbale in eastern Uganda and the Elgon Mountain National Park, with abundant tourism resources.