Belarusian education officials say long-term planning ensures smooth implementation of Chinese language teaching

Minsk, June 7th (Xinhua) – Vice Minister of Education of Belarus, Kadrubai, stated on June 7th that long-term planning has ensured the smooth implementation of Chinese language teaching in the country.

The final day of the “Chinese Bridge” Chinese competition in the Belarus division was held at Minsk National Language University. Kadrubai stated at the post competition award ceremony that Belarus has developed a series of measures over the past 20 years to meet people’s needs for learning Chinese. The implementation of the National Development Strategy for Chinese Language Teaching and Research System from 2017 to 2022 has made Chinese language teaching a great success. Bai Fang is currently developing a long-term plan until 2030.

Kadrubai said that there are currently 46 middle schools and 12 universities in Belarus offering Chinese language courses, and another 56 middle schools have designated Chinese as an elective course. With the deepening development of language teaching in Belarus and China, the Belarusian National University has established the Belarusian Chinese Folk Culture Comparative Research Laboratory, and Chinese universities such as Beijing Foreign Studies University have also established Belarusian language teaching and Belarusian research centers.